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3 Advantages to RPO in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a vibrant hub, pulsating with possibilities for global enterprises. Increased cooperation and free trade agreements within the region continue to present an optimistic outlook, and Southeast Asia remains a key destination for global multinational companies (MNCs) to set up off-shore operations and establish global in-house centres (GICs).

A snapshot of the current labour markets and hiring trends of key Southeast Asian nations is as follows:

  • Singapore: Singapore’s economy is projected to grow by 1% to 3% in 2024 – even as tighter global financial conditions and escalations in wars disrupt supply, and consumer and business confidence.
  • Hong Kong: Interest rates for Hong Kong are going to be higher for longer as geopolitical tensions continue. Hong Kong’s exports of services for Q3 2023 jumped 16% year-on-year, and recorded 6 million Hong Kong dollars (USD$24.8 million),
  • Malaysia: Malaysia’s economy has weathered headwinds well with a healthy labour market, even though exports to its global trading partners have decreased in the last year.
  • The Philippines: McKinsey reported that the Philippines experienced slow headline growth in the first half of 2023, partly due to sluggish investment, though exports performed well, and inflation continued to slow down, settling at 3.9% in December 2023, down from 8.1% YoY.

Booming Southeast Asia Economy Underpins Importance of Talent in Boosting Growth

A cutting-edge talent strategy can revolutionise the way enterprises operate. Talent isn't just important – it's the powerhouse driving the engine of any successful business. The importance of talent to the bottom line is shaping enterprises’ expectations and strategies for building effective talent acquisition and management approaches.

In business today, it's not just about attracting and retaining quality talent – it’s about reaching new heights in innovation and efficiency. The region is buzzing with change, and with it comes a surge of demand for top-notch recruits. HR and talent acquisition are on the hunt for game-changing approaches like never before. For many companies, outsourcing is no longer just a concept; it's a full-blown phenomenon sweeping across several industries and sectors – particularly in banking and financial services; professional services; retail; pharma and life sciences; and energy and utilities.

An agile, finely tuned workforce solution doesn't just fill roles; it transforms businesses. It is more than hiring, it's about crafting a vibrant and diverse workforce, devising strategies for talent mobility and pinpointing the perfect skill sets to drive success for the company. Welcome to the future of talent acquisition – where every partnership is a step closer to unleashing the full potential of your enterprise.

Embrace Future-Forward Recruitment Processes with RPO

To gain momentum in the region, enterprises are leveraging a range of flexible and strategic solutions, such as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), to enhance talent acquisition results.

RPO isn't just for the big players anymore – it's a game-changer for organisations of all sizes. Whether you're an established brand or a nimble startup, RPO can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each company.

So, as you begin to evaluate RPO providers, it is imperative to look for a workforce solutions provider that brings a wealth of local expertise, lightning-fast hiring solutions and cutting-edge technology to the table.


Local Market Expertise and Know-How

An experienced RPO provider is more than just an external arm managing your talent acquisition. They are also a strategic advisor that brings deep expertise and knowledge into the partnership. A good RPO provider has access to in-depth research that uncovers every dynamic, trend and opportunity related to the talent pools in the region.

At the same time, they should have access to local and global market intelligence that is vital in helping enterprises make efficient data-driven decisions when it comes to their talent acquisition strategy, enabling companies to stay competitive and achieve business outcomes.

Proficiency in Agile and Strategic Hiring Solutions 

A key benefit of working with an experienced workforce solutions partner is understanding the different RPO models available to design the most suitable talent strategy for your organisation.

 Imagine having the power to customise your talent acquisition solution, choosing the perfect model or approach to fuel your growth and dominate the market. Whether it's a project-specific strategy or a companywide plan to empower your operations, a highly skilled and agile RPO provider like AGS will have you covered. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to agile solutions that flex to achieve your goals.

Consultative Capabilities and Robust Technology Solutions

Strategic advisory is essential. Companies can enjoy the benefits of scalability, industry-specific functionality, integration, cost-effectiveness and agility with the help of a strategic workforce advisor.

Key advantages of a strategic workforce advisor include:

  • Customised roadmap aligned to your business' strategic plan and talent supply and demand
  • Sustainable long-term view whilst anticipating future market trends, technological alternatives and other ways to streamline job responsibilities
  • Robust, effective evaluation process to discover and correct staffing gaps
  • Data to inform business and HR decisions
  • Facilitation of succession planning to future-proof businesses
  • Improvement retention rates that develop talent for success

Recruitment technology has transformed the hiring process by increasing access to a wider pool of talent, improving assessment accuracy and reducing the duration of candidate screening process. With an adoption of automated tools, recruitment flows for employers are now optimised, and talent enjoys a better candidate experience.

Future-Proof Your Business: Embrace an Agile, Productive Workforce Management Model

The key to gaining a competitive advantage lies in selecting the a workforce model tailored to your unique challenges and future aspirations. As companies continue to thrive in Southeast Asia, it's essential to ramp up workforce planning to stay ahead of the game and seize every opportunity.

By tapping into creative sourcing strategies powered by the latest tech innovations, you'll uncover hidden talent gems while reducing costs. Picture a diverse, top-tier talent pool brimming with niche skills just waiting to be unleashed – with that much potential at your fingertips, your workforce will be unstoppable.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of innovative workforce solutions? Contact us today to discover how AGS transformed workforce management for our clients – it's time to embark on a journey to success.

    Written by Joshua Poltock
    Joshua Poltock is a business development director with 11 years’ experience in the recruitment and talent solutions industries across the UK and APAC – and is now a permanent resident of Singapore. He has a proven track record of delivering regional and global recruitment programs in several industries; building, scaling and developing high-performing teams; and executing DEI programs. Josh helps organisations headquartered in Southeast Asia design strategic and innovative recruitment outsourcing programs, delivering on their talent goals and expected business outcomes.