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“These are not the droids you are looking for” – A New Hope

Martin Smith
By Martin Smith
on June 14, 2019

In a galaxy far far away, or a place called Stroud nestled in the Cotswolds, I first met Simon, Tim and Andy at Truthsayers, three Jedi knights who've built a revolutionary platform to harness the power of Neuropsychology for business. 

AGS_Blog_ANewHope (002)Now before I explain why this new exciting and innovative approach to harnessing the power of the non-conscious mind is relevant to talent acquisition and management, I would like to first introduce the concept of Neuropsychology: 

Neuropsychological methods target the brain’s non-conscious processing. This, as neuroscience has discovered, is responsible for the majority of the actions and decisions we make as human beings. It is also responsible for how we feel, our automatic intuitions and our instinct. The power of our non-conscious brain, compared with our conscious brain, is enormous. Yet traditional employee interactions only access the conscious, or ‘tip of the iceberg’, of what makes people ‘tick’. Alternative methods are therefore needed to unlock how an individual really feels.  

In short, these methods enable us to collect honest, truthful, unbiased and accurate insights into how our people really feel.


May the force be with you!

This is positively disrupting the traditional ways of capturing feedback, views and insight from our people using standard surveys. We all recognise that these can sometimes be forced, tailored and influenced. So are we really making our organisational decisions on the real truth?  

“We revolutionise how you communicate with your employees and customers by combining neuroscience, psychology and technology” - Neurotech®.-Truthsayers


Bring balance to the force

Neuropsychological methods help draw a true picture of the feelings of an organisation’s workforce, their brand attractiveness to incoming talent as well as the on-the-ground perception of employee experience and culture. 

It enables us to work with our customers to provide them with a means to measure the impact of investment at the emotional human level and discover what is having the greatest positive effect. It enables us to examine their employee journeys on a test-and-learn basis with hard data, so that it can be optimised with the same focus and intent as their customer experience is. 

So we shouldn’t fear it, in fact we should embrace it. This is where neuroscience and neuropsychological methods are well placed to support organisations wanting to improve their employee experience, whilst embracing innovative applications of technology that can bring real value. 

The good news is that it is not as hard as building the Death Star. It is an easy step to exploring how these methods and approaches can benefit you and your organisation. 


The force runs strong in your family

It is a well known prophecy that when the world of talent is in its greatest need, three knights will travel from a distant land (the Cotswolds), to partner a well-known provider (AGS), to help fulfil their purpose of helping customers meet their talent aspirations.  

“Tap into your talent you will, follow the path of feelings, beliefs and instincts as these are the way of truth and enlightenment, it is." — Yoda 

This approach, which is well established in the consumer market research sector, is now well placed to provide organisations invaluable insights with their talent acquisition and retention challenges. All of which rely on getting to the truth about how people really feel.


Exploring the reality of Total Talent using Neurotech®

So why not explore the galaxy of neuroscience as we launch the first of its kind Neurotech® Survey on The True State of Total Talent and if you are interested in finding out more or participating please drop us a line at

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Martin Smith
Written by Martin Smith
Martin Smith is currently the Talent Solutions Director, EMEA at Allegis Global Solutions. Combining global awareness and regional insight, Martin works with organisations throughout EMEA to evaluate their existing capability and explore new, efficient and innovative ways to build, deliver and evolve talent acquisition, resourcing and talent partnerships.

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