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Leading Trust in a Digital Era - CIPD Ireland Annual Conference

Last week saw the CIPD Ireland annual conference. Allegis Global Solutions had the pleasure of joining senior HR leaders from some of Ireland's biggest companies for a day of inspiration and discussions exploring the changing nature of trust and its effect on how organisations attract, engage and retain talent.


The audience was treated to a packed agenda, including talks from Kerry Group on the importance and development of their people and culture; Accenture shared insights on how organisations can equip themselves for the future; and Novartis provided fantastic insights into how they are encouraging their people to be truly collaborative, curious and unbossed!

Both Pedro Lopez, Head of Novartis Global Service Centre, and Niamh McNamara, Head of HR

Service Centre at Novartis, shared details on the unique business landscape of Ireland.

We learnt how Ireland benefits from the highest access to experienced, qualified talent and an extremely adaptable innovative approach to meet the diverse needs of business.

Novartis has made it a priority to ensure the 700 people that work in the Novartis Global Service Centre understand why they’re there. Despite not necessarily being at the forefront of medicine, they know they play a significant role in their mission – To Re-Imagine Pharma.

Globally, Novartis look to encourage their people to be truly collaborative and curious. They believe that to be successful, their people need to have both a sense of purpose and be curious and, more importantly, have the autonomy to question the status quo and explore new ways of working. Novartis has evolved the environment into a culture looking to continuously change the way they do things, to truly embrace innovation rather than resist, and imagine “what’s next”.

The event was a great reminder of the changing world we operate in. Disruption is here to stay. To keep up with this transformation and to create a better future for the years to come, we need to change not only the way we perceive change but also the way we think. As Albert Einstein once said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

At AGS we work with clients who share these same great values as Novartis, Kerry Group and Accenture. We keep up with innovations that can help organisations perform better whilst attracting and retaining the best talent. Download our latest report, “Technology Innovation: A path to Smarter Talent Management”and check out what the 1,000 HR decision makers see as their current and future talent technology needs.

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    Written by Victoria Fernandez
    Victoria Fernandez was client engagement director for AGS RPO EMEA. She has over 20 years’ experience within RPO, MSP and technology solutions, starting out her career in business development for a pioneering technology platform to deliver Managed Service Solutions to large financials. She moved on from AGS in 2020.